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Applying Hot Coat Type


Here I'm applying the hot coat on top of the fiberglass lamination. This coat is applied using about 50% more catalyst to ensure a quick drying and to prevent thinning by excessive dripping. This coat was applied to top and bottom.

Machine Sanding Bottom


 With the electric sander and using 400 "wetordry" sanding paper, we removed the excess resin coat and made the board nice and smooth. No more bumps or irregularities. To prevent the board from being too heavy we only applied a glossing coat to the bottom. The top remained with the hot coat polished to an acceptable gloss.

Polishing Bottom


With the electric polisher and using rubbing compound we polished the bottom to a crisp, clear gloss. We applied some rubbing compound to the top and polished the hot coat a bit.

Removing Masking Tape Cord


Here is the last step in making a surfboard, removing the piece of masking tape that still remains under the hot coat covering the cord attachment's hole. Now the board is ready!!!

Finished Board Bottom


Here's the first Kuyagua in over 20 years, ready to get to the sea. All we need now is a bit of surf, in other words WAVES!!!!

Finished Board Top


This is the side with less gloss, but still looking good. The final board has a weight of 11 lbs., which is very light for a 7'6". Thanks for visiting!!!